London Surf Film Festival

London Surf Film Festival

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Haven recently become an avid surfer myself, my joy couldn't be more when I discovered London Surf Film Festival.

Founded in 2019, it is the UK's most exciting celebration that combines surf and film art and cultures and includes premiere screenings, talks, music sessions and good times.

The founders themselves, the two amazing people, Demi Taylor and Chris Nelson, are creatives and surfers of over 30 years. Let alone they are wonderful people who I had the pleasure of meeting, after jumping at the chance of volunteering during the festival.

The festival grows bigger every year, with more people joining the community and submitting their films. As the team and the audience grow, more and more people get to share my experience of meeting like-minded people. This is a community who love physically and creatively active, travel, find joy in the beauty of the world around us, sharing it with each other and feeling alive.

LS/FF 2016 Chasing Zero – An evening of audio visual delights at the Regent Street Cinema, W1 // Image: Peter Chamberlain

London Surf Film Festival is open to volunteers annually.


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