LS/FF 2018

LS/FF 2018

What a year! Since my last visit to London Surf / Film Festival it seemed impossible to be surprised, yet, last week, the team and the talent did it again.

Among the many incredible projects attending this year, I feel compelled to highlight a few of my personal favorites.

The UK Premiere of Trouble: The Lisa Andersen Story at LS/FF 2018 (c) London Surf Film Festival

First and foremost, the picture that took Best Film prize home nothing else but my homeland's work - Russian Priboi, directed by Konstantin Kokorev. The film is a never-before witnessed insight into the birth of surf culture in Russia and how first people continue to push boundaries to discovery best places and moments. Balancing between the narrative of documentary and the visuals of a feature, the film silently tranquilizes you with the pursuit of solemn travel.

Next is a documentary Momentum Generation about a group of world-famous surfers Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Benji Weatherley, Kalani Robb, Ross Williams, Taylor Steele, and Pat O’Connell. The film opens to the viewers the curtain to the stories of their love for the sport, friendship, sorrow and love, taken through nearly 30 years of catching waves. Packed with heartbreaking and moodswifting stories and ideas, the content is a must to be seen and to be considered for an inspiring feature.

Speaking of inspiration... last but not least, if anyone knows how to inspite, it is Lisa Anderson. Chas Smith's documentary Trouble: The Lisa Andersen Story about the girl, now woman, who changed surf culture and youth culture forever. Her power, drive and passion ushered in a new framing for female surfing: 4 Time World Champion she was the first woman on the cover of Surfer magazine, six time Surfer of the Year, face of the first women’s surf brand and Outside Magazine wrote, “ the first woman to cross over into surfing celebrityhood.” She became the window for other women to not just get brands to sponsor women and girls, or inspired to create brands producing female surf gear like Roxy, but opened the window for others to become professional surfers.

Watch the video from this year's event here and join us next year!


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