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Six Minutes at the Grand Plaza


Short | Drama 

16 min, 2019

Producers: Emma Friedl, Panagiotis Kordas
Director:    Iacob Pastina

Writer:       Zak Zhouay, Panagiotis Kordas

Casting:     Alexandra Malanicheva

Cast:         Natalie Janicka, Jacob Scipio, Josh Collins

Set in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world, Six Minutes at the Park Plaza is a heist film featuring a trio of young expats who, after losing their low-paying monotone jobs, are facing the imminent breakup of their friendship. They lack energy, money, a purpose in life... and they need it fast. How do they achieve that? They become thieves. And it goes well... up until it doesn't anymore. Will they manage to survive in London? And most importantly, will they stay together?

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